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Future Homes is a full service builder. Our slides and videos will show you how we integrate the process of local construction with the modular factory process into one seamless new home project.

While the factory is building the modules, we will be working with you or local contractors to get the land, water, and sewer ready. We also complete the foundation before the home arrives from the factory.

The factory will set and secure the modules to the foundation built by our local crew. The factory also completes the roof before they leave.

We then bring our local crews back in to complete the plumbing, electrical, heating/air, porches, etc. as well as any other site items ordered such as garages, upstairs, etc.

Our foremen and our teams have been working together for years, so it truly is amazing to see how seamlessly the entire process comes together.

All of this means less waste in time and materials, which means savings for you. It also means a better built home that you can enjoy for years to come. Contact us today to take the first step.