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Why A Structural Warranty?

One in four homes will suffer some form of structural distress, and repairs could cost on average $42,500.

2-10 Home Builder's 10 year Structural Warranty

2-10 Builder's WarrantyThe 10-year Structural Warranty provided by 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty provides 10 years of strucural defect coverage beginning on the earlier of the day you move in or close. A structural defect is defined as physical damage to your home's designated load-bearing elements caused by failure that affects their load-bearing function to the extent that your hoome becomes unsafe, unsanitary or otherwise unlivable.

1-Year Workmanship Warranty

Your builder-provided 1-Year Workmanship Warranty gives you coverage beginning on the day you close. It protects your home from defects in materials and workmanship for a full year.

2-Year Systems Warranty

Your builder-provided 2-Year Systems Warranty coverage begins on closing day. It protects your home from defects in the electrical, plumbing and mechanical distribution systems for a full two years.