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Save Money On Building Your Home

If you are set on building a new home, there are some ways you can keep your costs down. Building materials keep increasing so there are great ways to counter this by saving in other areas.


Buying the right property can save you a lot of money. Do your homework when searching for land. Does it need clearing? Does it already have a septic permit? Are there any building restrictions? Do you need a well or is  it connect to public water? Some builders, if they are licensed general contractors, can help you when looking at a piece of property by assessing the property and letting you know how much it may cost to prepare the land in order to build your house. The more money you can save on your land purchase and preparation the more money you can put into the construction of your house.

House Size

It all comes down to square footage. How big your house is makes a big difference in the cost, so design a floor plan that has all the space and amenities you want. Try to reduce the hallways  and add more open spaces. Communicating with your home designer about your lifestyle needs will be helpful so you won’t have to remodel later.

Modular vs Site-Built Homes

Modular homes are designed to be green. Because it is factory built there is less waste materials and this helps lower the cost of your home. The cost savings of construction of a modular home compared to a similar site-built home can be 15-20 percent. And, because weather is not a factor,  when building a modular home you are not subject to the same delays on-site homes may have. Time is money,  so when building a home, cutting the building time can help you save thousands in interest costs. Modular homes have been praised at being a better way to build a home.