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Modular Homes – Safer in the Storm

In April 2018 – FEMA reported that Modular Homes are safer than other type of houses. Modular homes are able to withstand the harsh elements and can keep your family safe during extreme weather.

What makes Modular Homes So Safe?

Due to the factory’s rigorous quality control and inspections this process ensures better craftsmanship. Factory construction also reduces the risk of errors compared to site-built homes. Factories require up-to-date training, proper tools and the necessary experience to build their homes.

In addition, the framing and support systems on Modular Homes are typically stronger than that of  traditional built homes which has them perform better in high-category storms. Modular homes go through several inspections prior to leaving the factory –  which proactively resolves any structural issues before it even leaves the factory.

Because modular homes are built in a factory, every separate module must have the structural integrity to travel to the construction site. That means withstanding bumpy roads, highways, and all types of weather conditions.

Each module is designed and built to withstand the stress of transportation, making your entire home stronger and more able to stand up to extreme conditions even after construction.

If you are looking for a beautiful, efficient, well-constructed home to keep you and your family safe in our coastal environment, contact Future Homes and learn more about how we have been providing quality, custom-built modular homes for more than 25 years!