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Knock, Knock! What Color is Your Door?

So what is so important about the color of your front door?  The front door of a house or business is like the greeter at Walmart. If the person is friendly, warm and inviting it gives a clear message “You are welcome here!” However, if the greeter is scowling and foreboding, then the wrong message has been transmitted, or, maybe not. If you have a small business, something as minor as the wrong color on your door could be sending the wrong message to your future customers.

The same goes for your home. When you drive through a neighborhood, there are many features on the homes that catch your attention and among the most eye-catching is the front door. If you don’t know who lives in the house, you can get a quick sense of the personality of the person who lives there by the choice of paint for the front door. Most people do not realize that the colors they choose may be transmitting the wrong message. Believe it or not, there have been psychological studies on how colors subconsciously communicate to people. Knowing the common personality traits associated to certain colors can be used to your advantage when you want to communicate without saying a word.

Here are some common colors and the personality traits attached to them, which one are you?

Black gives an imposing first impression that suggests power and prestige, it says you are elegant, powerful. It also indicates that you are artistic and sensitive and you do not share easily with others. You are not exactly introverted, just careful.

Gray is thought to be timeless and classic, and doesn’t run the risk of going out of fashion. This door indicates you love following family traditions. You are practical and happy to go along with others to make the peace. You are pretty much neutral unless it’s something you are really passionate about then it’s your way or no way.

The Blues
Deep blues emit a sense of power, while also offering a sense of trustworthiness and a keen intellect. You are well grounded, peaceful, and dedicated to your fixed principles. You also like a secure, clean and ordered home life.
Light blues indicates you’re hopeful and positive, and know the value of a well-loved, well-worn old pair of blue jeans. Friends come to you for both advice and a good laugh.

Green, more a soft green similar to a sage color is calm, quiet and soothing. People love your wisdom and creative problem solving skills. You also crave affection and validation. You have a high moral standard and you are an extremely loyal friend and partner.

Blue/Green Hue
Because these colors are cousins, you have a combination of blue and green personality traits. However, there are some extra traits, like that quick wit of yours and the ability to use your natural charm at just the right times.

Purple Hues
Dark purple hues indicate an insightful, creative and idealist personality. You appreciate the artistic spirit in others as well. You are gentle and compassionate and usually put the needs of others before your own.
Argyle purple is more like a mauve, and a front door decked out in this shade may suggest the owner has “a penchant for the dramatic.”

Pantone’s Pink Lavender basically indicates a youthful and spirited occupant
that appreciates classic romantic gestures. You are loving and kind and sensitive to the needs of others. You are friendly and approachable and a natural nurturer.

Brilliant white is simple, crisp and pristine and often favored by those going for a minimalist look. You like things clean and tidy, and strive for perfection, but it’s only so you can truly relax later.

You are definitely and extrovert. Red is instantly recognized as offering good cheer. A front door in True Red is more likely to be preferred by commanding, dynamic and engaging individuals. A house with a red front door is said to be a home where you are always welcome and it is the #1 color in America.

Yellow will forever be a friendly, happy color. “Minion Yellow” is warm and welcoming, conveying a sense of optimism and an uplifting spirit. It makes the statement that life should be fun. A lot of your energy comes from big dreams and always reaching for the stars! You are encouraging, cheerful and a bit impulsive.

This door is as warm as your personality. Fear doesn’t hold you back—certainly not in the paint shop. You’re a reliable friend but full of surprises—we suspect you may be the party planner in the group. Orange is an energetic color that encourages optimism, ambition and endurance.

People who prefer wood or the color brown for a door color truly appreciates stability and wholeness. You love safety and security in all parts of your life. You have some sort of creative side that you may have curbed in some way. You enjoy the natural beauty and style of people and things Brown is the color of sincerity, honesty, loyalty and maturity.

To choose a door with a lot of glass indicates that you are open-minded and friendly and it symbolizes that you have nothing to hide. It also shows that you are willing to give as much as you get because you believe in equality and you are generous to a fault.

So if you are trying to send a silent message to your clients or neighbors, your door can be the gateway to new business and new friendships.