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How to Avoid Common Design Mistakes

When designing a new home, it is important to keep in mind your lifestyle – not just yours, but your entire family, even your pets should be considered in the design of your new home.  When looking at a floor plan, ask yourself if it works for you. Just because the space fits your needs does not mean it is the right one. Here are some common design mistakes that can be avoided just by asking yourself some simple questions to make sure the design fits your lifestyle.

  1. Do you want a one or two story design? If climbing stairs is not something you enjoy, then it’s important to keep that in mind when building.

  2. What rooms are most important to you? Do you like to cook? Do you enjoy gathering in the living room with family and friends? Every room in your house should have a purpose and it should be designed for ease of use specifically for you.

  3. Will the house design adapt to your changing needs? As the years go by, every family experiences some change. Will your design be able to adapt to those changes? Keep in mind how your life will be ten to twenty years down the road. What will your needs be at that time?

  4. Consider the function and flow of your home. Do you want all the bedrooms together? Do you want some spaces for privacy and quiet? Do you need additional spaces for guests? It is important to think of these before you build, or you may need to consider an addition to your house in the near future. Thinking of the future helps save you a lot of money and headaches.

  5. How much natural light do you want in your home? Do you want skylights? Full length windows? Natural lighting can significantly decrease the need for artificial lights but it can also add heat so be sure to take in consideration the direction the light is coming into the room. Southern exposure is considered the best since you minimize the direct rays of the sun. This way the sun will not wake you early in the morning or add annoying glare to your television or computer viewing during sunset hours.

Considering the items listed above will help you create a better living experience in your Future Home. Communicate clearly with your home designer to make sure they know what you do and do not like. It’s easier to design than it is to remodel your home later. Future Homes has many custom floor plans on our website to view. Also visit our Facebook page for some additional helpful tips.