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7 Ways to MAKE Money with Your House

Here are some ways you can have your home earn you some extra cash.

Rent out a Room

Sometimes people need a temporary place to live for a variety of reasons. By renting a room you can earn a monthly income and help someone in need of a temporary place to stay. If you are not looking for a full-time roommate, try renting out to travelers, kind of like a Bed and Breakfast. This works out well if you live in a high traffic area with lots of events and activities available near your home. It’s a great way to make money, meet new people and perhaps make some new, long-lasting friendships.

Offer Space For Rent

If you have extra space in your garage, spare room or even a large closet, you might want to offer the extra space to others for storage space. If there is no storage facility near your neighborhood, you will be offering a service that will be appreciated because of the convenience.

Start a Home Business

If you have a spare room and have the desire to have your own business, here are some ideas that can bring you extra money or perhaps be a full-time career:
Computer Repair
Bookkeeping/Tax Preparation
Web Design
Lawn Care
Home Maintenance
Interior Design
Freelance Writer
Wedding or Event Planning

Teach a Class

If you are good at something and enjoy teaching, then using your spare space for class instruction might be the best way for you to make some extra money. There are many types of classes that people would be willing to pay for expert instruction:
Musical Instrument
Personal Training
Computer or Software Instruction
Dog Training
Art or Pottery Classes
Photography Classes

Board a Pet

If you love animals and have the room, you can use your extra space to board a pet or two. Be sure that you have enough outdoor space to accommodate your animal guests. Boarding pets when people are on vacation or on a business trip requires you to be available at all times to care for the animals and you may need a special license and additional home insurance depending on where you are located. It is also important   to check on the rules and regulations in your town or community  before offering this service.

Childcare Services

You may have a lot of children in your neighborhood and there will be times when parents will need someone to care for their children –  perhaps on a regular basis or for a night out. Depending on your availability, this may be a service that you can offer in your home to make some extra money and be a good neighbor. Home daycares have specific rules and regulations and it depends on where you live as to what rules apply. Go online and do some research before you offer this service.

Lease Your Land

Sometimes people would like to lease land and if you have extra acreage that you are not using this may be a perfect way to get some extra cash. You could lease the land for grazing goats, chickens or even horses, or even for just growing a garden.


No matter what idea you have to use your home for extra money, be sure to consult a lawyer for legal advice on contracts, licenses and permits required for your new adventure.

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