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10 Reasons Why Modular Homes are Better

Future Homes Presents

10 Reasons Why Custom-Built Modular Homes are Better

It’s never been a better time to build your home and a custom-built, modular home is a smart way to go – here’s why:


A custom-builder will work with your budget and design what you want at the price you want. A custom-home builder will keep the design realistic and help you stay in your price range, help you make important financial decisions and keep track of your expenses.


Because you are working directly with the designer you are able to convey what you want and it will not get lost in the translation – sparing you a lot of time and energy!

Your Input is Important

You will be the one to make the final decisions and choices, but you have the added advantage of a professional designer assisting you with your priorities in mind.


You can use existing plans or create your own – it’s entirely up to you. The designer will help make your vision a reality and make it work for your lifestyle – no cookie cutter home for you!

Quality Control

A quality Custom builder works with experienced, reliable and trusted sources so you are not having to worry about every detail.


A custom builder will work with you through many issues that arise during the home building process to make it a smoother ride.

Faster Response

When working with a custom builder you can directly express your ideas and concerns to the person responsible for making it work.

Factory Precision

Your new home has a reduced threat of job-site theft, damage, and problems that plague on-site building, and it can save you as much as 10% due to less materials being wasted.

Better Customer Service

Because you are working directly with design team, you are their first priority and you are not building just a home, but a relationship.

Faster Completion

Because a lot of the building is done in the factory, there are less delays due to weather or labor. This not only helps speed up the building process, but can also save you money.

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